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The finest materials and faultless ergonomics have been engineered to produce this luxurious opener offering a lifetime of use.

Surely the ultimate gift for a man who appears to have everything.

Glugg is milled from solid brass with a knurled handle for grip. The hook is made from blackened stainless steel for endless durability and provides a subtle anti-roll function.

Hold the bottle on any surface, place the opener’s flat area down onto the bottle top, gently pull back to engage the hook, and lever the handle down. Effortless and spill free.

At Heseltine Design we aim to produce desirable objects of timeless quality both aesthetically and functionally.


The raw brass will gain a natural patina over time. This is better than a finish that inevitably breaks down unevenly with use.

Happy Glugging

Cost boxed £ 54.00

Post to UK mainland £ 6.00

Available on Etsy below

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