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Please make contact to order one of our standard products or establish your requirement for something bespoke. Normally we would visit you first to see the setting for the work.

Alternatively you are welcome to visit our studio workshop which can be very informative. You can view models, timber samples and finished work, seeing the quality at first hand.

This initial meeting enables us to establish your preferences and formulate a design brief. By viewing a larger portfolio you may like to set a budget which enables us to maximise the opportunity. 

Your level of involvement is entirely up to you at every stage. Some clients are very specific about what they require at the outset while others prefer to leave the brief open to encourage more varied  ideas.

With this information we will produce some concept ideas for you to choose from with their estimated full design and production costs. There is normally no charge to you up to this stage.


Once a preferred concept, budget and timescale are chosen we will develop the idea with better  drawings, models and timber samples accordingly so you will know exactly what is going to be  produced. The cost for this stage is payable in advance. All designs, models, and samples remain the property of Heseltine Design.

​Upon confirmation of the order in writing with a deposit the materials are acquired and prepared in the workshops. You are welcome to visit during production. Projects of high value or long timescale  may require a progress payment.

On completion a delivery or collection date will be arranged for you to receive the work, at which point you will be required to pay the balance.


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