"The journey of designing is endlessly fascinating and the learning never stops".

At Heseltine Design we are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of design and manufacture to every type of project regardless of its size or complexity.

Your approach provides the opportunity to design the perfect solution for you.

"We aim to produce work with a timeless quality that improves on anything made before, visually, technically and functionally".

The rewards derived from crafting wood, the world's most versatile and beautiful resource, are irresistible. Available in a vast array of colours, textures and grains it can be sliced, curved, glued, shaped and polished to produce items of staggering variety in size, look and feel.

"Heseltine Design has a history of being versatile, designing interior and outdoor work. Some are vernacular objects with the timber as the focus, while others are sophisticated pieces that push technical boundaries bordering on sculptural art".

Occasionally time is allocated to produce a speculative piece to turn an idea into reality, and Ian has many conceptual ideas waiting for an adventurous client.